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JABS B8 FC is a non-profitable organisation that provides a football & mentoring program for our Community youths (6 years +) in Alum Rock, Birmingham.

Juniors Academy of Birmingham Sports (JABS) B8 Football Club operates as a non-profit, community based organisation. The principle aim of the Academy is to develop and enhance the diverse and deprived community of Alum Rock through the means of football and sport. The association has an all-inclusive policy and welcomes members of all age, race, gender and religious background. 

The Academy is run and organised by 8 volunteers who provide transport and subsistence. To date, there are 100+ players that are affiliated to the Academy between the age of 6-18 years. The club is self-financed by the volunteers and receives no external funding JABS B* FC would be extremely grateful if you are able to sponsor our participation at the Charity Go Karting race to take place in 2017. The activity takes place every Sundays 1-3pm at Rockwood Academy, Naseby Road, B8 3HG. The sessions are taken coach and takes place in the form of warm ups, drills, circuit training, small sided games, and occasional matches.     

The Academy consolidates the physical aspect of playing football with the educational part. Regular sessions are held to highlight the importance of health and well-being by showing the benefits of a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and the negative impact of alcohol, drugs, gangs, crime and extremism