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Amirah Foundation is a registered charity with charities commission since 2012. We work with homeless and vulnerable women to break the cycle of abuse, violence and isolation.

Our work is governed by five values:

Excellence: Our ethos means we strive for excellence in everything we do and in all areas of our work.

Reviving: We are reviving the Prophetic tradition of local giving.

Transformational: We aim to transform the lives of those we work with.

Integrity: We expect the highest standards from our staff who should act with integrity at all times.

Empathy: This value is crucial to the work we do with vulnerable people.

Our core aim is to facilitate vulnerable women to play a more active role in society and unlock their full potential and social capital. This is achieved through working to eradicate poverty, tackling homelessness and providing services that support women fleeing domestic violence. Additionally Amirah Foundation provides a leadership role in relation to the key challenges and issues faced by Muslim women and their children living in the UK.

There are two key objectives to relieving hardship and suffering of the local population:

1) We will reduce the occurrences of women facing homelessness: We will support homeless women by providing practical support, such as finding accommodation, supporting them with accessing benefits and providing them with essential items to start their life again in a more secure and healthy place. We will address the issues causing homelessness in this population, such as domestic violence, through counseling.

2) We will help to reduce the impact of poverty and deprivation in the community: We will provide practical support to those who are living under the poverty line, by running a food bank and providing essential, practical items that people need but cannot afford to buy.