AIM Academy has been set up with music legend Apache Indian & South City College Birmingham.

Having worked in the Music and Media industry for 25 years, his roles have included singer, writer, radio and TV presenter. He is in an excellent position to support young people in developing industry standard skills in these areas and more.

The Apache Indian Music Academy is based at Handsworth Campus and is open to students who are aged between 16-19 and are currently enrolled at the college or wish to enrol on a course with South and City College Birmingham.




It is a music youth club  

It is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers for the community

This fulfils the need in young people to be part of something and encourages positive behaviour and life skills.

We operate from the old Fire Station on Stafford Road Handsworth

It is open to young people from across the city

The Academy is looking to fill a gap and offer a positive and safe environment and encourage people their energies into music, performance and supporting community events

Who Can Join ?

It is open to anyone who already has a musical talent and would like to take this further

young people who have an interest in music, but have never had the opportunity to be involved in the arts

young people with issues requiring specialist support to external agencies