AG13 Racing

Driving for

Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity


& Cureleukeamia


Our team is a group of friends who wanted to get involved in Karting. I found this event on social media and was keen to find out more,, then when I saw that 2 of the charity's were those we had been supported by over the last 14 months I knew it was something that I had to get involved with.

Our story :-

In December 2015 my partner took our little girl to hospital with what seemed to be a typically normal child's a bad cough -  but this was where the journey from hell started.

3 days later she was diagnosed with Leukaemia.

We decided to stay positive and not to be beaten by this disease.

Birmingham Children's Hospital have treated Amelia since she was first diagnosed and admitted, We have agreed, disagreed and argued with doctors over things, stressing and worrying about the welfare of our little girl,  but the bottom line is that they have her best interest at heart and together with Cure Leukaemia, are not only providing the very best of their medical abilities but also a wonderful caring and compassionate atmosphere that supports worried parents like us as well.

This is not the 1st thing we done for BCH charity. In September 16 Amelia rode a 2k course at Birmingham Bike Festival. We raised over £800 for the charity.

Doing this will be a chance for myself and my Dad to give back to the charity's that have supported us.

We are here to win. To Win for ourselves, for the charity's and win for Amelia.

Cant wait.

If you would like to help and support us please check in on our Facebook page and like & share us, and if you would like to add to our Just Giving page please do so - as much or as little as you are able, we'd like to win the "Most Donations Raised" trophy as well !!

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