What St Basils does really well is working with young people who are aged between 16-25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, we are helping over 5000 young people per year across the West Midlands region with a range of specific services in Birmingham, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, the Wyre Forest and Coventry.  Did you know that Every year over 1200 young people are housed in our 29 supported accommodation schemes, which for some young people will  include their young children as well.  We also have a range of prevention, accommodation and support services to help young people regain the stability they need to rebuild their lives, gain skills, training and employment and to prepare for their planned move on. The aim is to help them successfully break the 'cycle of homelessness' so that they can go on to experience a bright, fulfilling future and never return to a state where they are at risk of homelessness again.

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St Basils is an organisation that wants to make a positive impact on the lives of young people. This is reflected in our imagery and promotional literature where we use positive representations of young people.

We won’t use negative images which portray young people as powerless victims or stigmatise groups such as parents or strangers or over-simplify the reasons which can lead to youth homelessness.  We won’t do this because young people tell us that they don’t want to be portrayed in this way, especially for fundraising purposes. It also alienates people who can help to tackle and prevent homelessness.

We recognise that many young people have experienced trauma and we work with them to recognise and build on talents and strengths in order that they have the confidence and skills to overcome their past experiences and achieve their ambitions. We want young people to see their successes reflected in positive imagery which encourages and celebrates their achievements and potential.

So if you donate to us you are helping create a better brighter future for young people. We receive no government funding for our Learning, Skills and Work service and the vast majority of the money you raise for us goes towards that support service helping young people gain the skills they need to live independently and access further education, training and employment so that they can move on successfully and be truly independent.

Our promise to you:

  • We are a local charity so everything you raise stays here in the West Midlands helping homeless young people or those at risk.
  • We don’t use so called ‘Chuggers’, phone or door-to-door fundraisers and we don’t post out Direct Mail
  • We acknowledge receipt and thank every person who sends us a financial donation (unless you opt to do this anonymously by text)
  • We never share or sell data on our donors

If you are working with us or raising money in aid of us, we hope you will share and back our vision and #staypositive.

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